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Now that we are on the fast track to the holiday’s and winter, what better time to have a sale?! This week, enjoy major discounts on both wool boots and our favorite sandals.

It may be November, but with deals like these, what better time to stock up on next summers best trends, or this winters must have necessities?


Happy shopping!


Tuesday Motivation


With the holiday season quickly approaching (Hello, November!), it’s safe to say the next few weeks are going to be a whirlwind. Days filled with waking up early, making deadlines, collaborating and goal setting, seeing friends and family, planning and organizing and somehow, finding time to relax – it all seems so daunting and quite overwhelming. When the days seem too short but the to-do lists continues to grow, remind yourself that nothing is impossible and you are capable of getting anything and everything done, as long as you put your mind to it.

Below are some snippets of advice from LBBNY on the topic of goal setting, planning and getting things done:

  • “Never feel like asking for help is a negative, asking for help leads to learning and growth, as well as accomplishing things you may not have felt confident to do alone.”
  • “Taking the time to plan things out may seem like a waste, but seeing an outline in front of you really helps prioritize so you can better work to achieve the end goal.”
  • “Taking the lead and offloading work onto a reliable colleague is beneficial to you to grow as a manager, but also to the colleague to give them the change to learn and grow while working on something new.”
  • “Don’t stress. Period. Things will go wrong, things won’t always work out, problems may arise and the end result may not be what you had hoped for. Instead of turning those less-than-positive situations into negative stress, look at them and analyze what you did and think about what you could do better, and then go back and try again.”
  • “Failure is a state of mind – the only time failure occurs is when you give up.”

Take each day as a new adventure, and attack each new problem with a positive and optimistic attitude!


Halloween Week – Costumes and Parties


It’s one of the most spook-tacular weeks of the year and we are spending it planning for some fun and festive Halloween parties this weekend! With the LBB office full of so many different personalities and people from all different areas both in and outside of Manhattan, we decided to band together and figure out what everyone is doing and how they are planning for their big nights.


Local Halloween party at a friends house: One of the lovely ladies at LBB is heading to a friends house in her city. “It’s going to be a really casual yet fun vibe, I’m excited to be going out but also not to have to feel the pressure that is sometimes associated with huge groups of people that you encounter at the bars or in Manhattan.” To get ready for her night, she is getting ready with her roommate and best friend, making some casual dinner and drinks and slowly easing into their night. “I like getting ready slowly, taking my time and not feeling rushed. By having my friends over before the party, we can have a few drinks and take our time, laugh a little and get ourselves in a fun ‘ready to go’ mindset before entering a house with 2-dozen people for the night.”

Costume of choice: “My best friend, roommate and I are dressing up as the characters of the Darjeeling Limited, our favorite Wes Anderson film.”

Going out, NYC Style: We love, love, love being in Manhattan during the day. The pace, the people, the indescribable amount of things happening at once. It’s crazy to think that the daytime Manhattan we experience is a fraction of what goes on after dark. “Going out in NYC is definitely an experience,” says our Marketing Coordinator. “It’s always a blast and is made better when you have a group of friends. It can sometimes be a lot to handle but you meet so many people and don’t have such a pressure to be perfect considering there is a 85% chance you will never see the people you encounter ever again (CRAZY, right?!).”

How is she starting her night? “Definitely sleeping in as late as possible Saturday so I can stay up and not get sleepy later in the night. Having friends over to get ready is always a must, it gets the night started right and it’s always fun to have your friends opinions and to laugh a bit before a big night.”

Costume of choice: “My girlfriends and I are going out as garden gnomes – silly and fun, the perfect group costume.”

Hosting a Halloween party at your house: Having a party at your house is both fun and daunting as you not only have to get yourself ready, but you also have to set up everything at your house prior to entertaining a dozen friends. How do you tackle such a big task? Just ask our Marketing Manager who throws an annual Halloween party with her closest friends.

How do you prepare to have so many people over? “I start really getting things ready the Wednesday before (so today!) and go to the store to get all the necessary food and last minute decorations. Then I really begin the prep-work on the night before, pre-cook anything that I can and get everything that needs to be set up done – check to make sure the radio and music is working and get the small necessities out like extra garbage cans, napkins and toilet paper!

What kind of food and drinks do you get to really get the party started? “I am a big fan of finger foods, especially at lively parties that are not sit-down. I like to get the basics such as cheese and veggies, but also like to make some dips, a meat platter and some bread options to make sure everyone is satisfied and full. My friends are also great and almost always show up with some treats to share as well! As far as the drinks, always make sure to have the basics such as soda, water and some juice like lemonade and iced tea. I like to make a few alcoholic punches and then have some ‘make your own’ cocktail options. My friends usually come with their favorite drink of choice as well which is great and ensures everyone has something they like.”

How about the decorations, do you go all out? “I do love to decorate for all holidays, but I do take into consideration the planning and cleanup associated so I keep it fun but minimal. Some streamers, table cloths and a fog machine are all a definitely must! Music makes the party so we keep the music on rotation through a variety of genres.”

Costume of choice: “I’m going to be a be a ballerina!”

As always, we LOVE all things Pinterest, so be sure to checkout our Halloween board that we posted today! It is full of great recipes, decorations and costume ideas.

Follow LeBunny Bleu’s board Halloween Necessities 2015 on Pinterest.


Friday Night Girls Night


After a long week of commuting, working, cooking and cleaning, there is nothing we look forward to more at the LBB offices than planning a good girls night. There is something to relaxing about a face mask, a good movie, some tea (or a great cocktail!) and some much needed girl talk and laughter. Here are some of our absolute musts for our girls night, what are some of your favorite Friday night necessities?


Somehow between Monday and Friday, we tend to lose out desire to really ‘girl-ify’ ourselves. Something about the commute, the late nights and the lack of sleep makes us less focused on looking the part and more focused on getting everything done. Our perfectly blown out locks end up in top knots, and our shiny new polish ends up chipped and lackluster. To make up for the end of week slump, we love spoiling ourselves with some face masks, a nice steam in the shower, and an at home mani/pedi. 

Face Masks: LBBNY Corporate is composed of so many different faces, both literally and figuratively, so our face mask needs are very different. Below are some of our favorites depending on our skin types (and believe us, we have been through trial and error with almost everything you can find at Duane Reade).

For tired, lackluster skin: Alba Botanica Even Advanced, Deep Sea Facial Mask ($7 on Amazon.com) – Our Manager Heather swears by this mask, so much that she has a stock pile of it available at her house at any given time. “I have such temperamental skin and this is the first mask that I can use without having residual redness or dryness. I breakout often so when I see the signs of a breakout coming on, I wash my face and then slather this on. When I wake up the next day, you would have no idea I had problematic skin. It also makes everything so smooth so makeup application is a breeze!”

For breakouts and uneven skin tone: Aria Starr Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask ($15 at Amazon.com) – This mask may scare away some of your friends at first with its dark coloring and opacity however, the minute you wash this bad boy off, you will never look back. This clay mask minimized our pores, eliminated 90% of our stubborn blackheads and left our skin radiating for days (even the guys in the office noticed!). 

For dry skin in need of some hydration: Viva Labs The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ($11 on Amazon.com) – Sometimes, simplicity is key. We found that coconut oil is not only a saving grace on hair and our bodies, but also on that stubborn cold-weather skin. For best results, we washed our faces normally, and then took a washcloth, dampened it and zapped it in the microwave for 30-seconds. We then placed it on our faces to open our pores and loosen any dry skin, probably around 2-3 minutes (make sure it is a comfortable temperature first). After, take a teaspoon (or more if needed!) of Viva Labs coconut oil and gently massage it all over in small circular and upward motions. We then repeated the steamed cloth step (with the coconut oil still on our faces) and then wiped the excess off with the washcloth. Do this before bed and you will wake up with baby soft, hydrated skin.

DIY: We love Pinterest for anything DIY! Taking at home ingredients and making custom masks and scrubs is also a great way to see what your skin does and doesn’t like, as well as getting glam without breaking the bank!

Fingers and ToesNothing makes us feel more put together than a great mani/pedi. Even on days where we find ourselves in leggings and an over sized chambray, a great manicure in a bold color makes us feel as polished as we would if we were wearing heels and a little black dress. Here are some of our absolute favorite fall colors.

Essie “Sole Mate
Essie “Bahama Mama
Essie “Tomboy No More” (LBB crowd fave!)
Essie “Style Cartel
Essie “Carry On

movie picks

Even if you don’t fully pay attention, having the perfect chick-flick playing in the background while you enjoy a glass of champagne, your face mask and some fresh manicures is always fun, especially if you pick one of these top 33 must-sees!

Our top 3:

  1. When Harry Met Sally
  2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  3. Bridget Jones Diary

food and drink

Lets see a raise of hands of everyone that needs a good drink at the end of the week *entire room raises hands* (yeah, that’s what we thought). We love a good cocktail to loosen us up, bring on the giggles and turn an average night into one you won’t forget. 

If you’re like some of the ladies at LBB, you live to get dressed and go out (who doesn’t?!), but for the sake of a good girl’s night (hey, you can finish up that mask and pause When Harry Met Sally, throw on those heels and go out! Who says girls night has to be ALL night at home?) here are some of our absolute favorite cocktails.

French 75
Gin and Tonic
Dark and Stormy 
Spiked Lemonade
Moscow Mule

Now if you’re going to have an adult refreshment, you absolutely need to consider your food options, unless you plan on regretting your girls night tomorrow morning. Our favorite guilty pleasures are pizza (white, please!), veggies and dip, a great cheese platter and hummus and crackers.



Now go on, blast that new Carly Rae Jepsen album, throw on your robe and pamper yourself, you deserve it!


Happy Friday lovelies!


Back to the Future


If you haven’t caught on to what today is yet, I’ll give you a hint – it may or may not be the day in Back to the Future II when Marty McFly finally arrives in 2015 – 30 years ahead of when the movie was written.

The original “Back to the Future” premiered July 3, 1985. Starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, the film follows high school student Marty as he takes scientist Doc Brown’s time machine to the 1950s and then must fight his way back to the present, awkwardly encountering younger versions of his mother and father in the process. The Oct. 21 date is actually at the center of the movie’s sequel, where — you guessed it — Marty travels to the future and inadvertently messes up the present.
— IBTimes.com, October 20, 2015

Along with Marty’s amazing styling of his infamous puffer vest, here are 27 Facts About ‘Back To The Future’ that you had no idea about.

As for the predictions, the writers of Back to the Future II had absolutely no idea that their guess of the Cubs winning the 2015 World Series was even an option. Believe it or not, that was the lowest thing on their list of things they actually thought would be a possibility…guess the jokes on them!

If you haven’t seen the movies yet (there are 3!), you can find them on Amazon.com. Prime members can watch them for free for the month of October (you can sign-up for a 30 day trial if you haven’t already).

back to the future