Jo with Gold Tap Dance with Bunny Oxfords


“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.“
- Alice in Wonderland.
I really, really love the story of Alice in Wonderland. The whole idea of tumbling down a rabbit hole into an upside-down world of talking flowers and size-altering biscuits sounds incredible. Naturally, I love it when any of my outfits even mildly remind me of my favourite old stories, let alone Alice (if you read Lost in the Haze during my first days of blogging you might remember my Red Riding Hood or Cinderella posts). It really doesn’t take much to want to dress up like a book character. After all, my mother was a librarian, so what can I say – it’s in the family!
The start of spring didn’t quite have in mind what I thought it would.. I ride past the gardens almost daily on the bus, and it looks as though they are bursting with blossoms. But once we ventured inside it was hard to find any form of flower. Not that it really mattered; tip-toeing through overgrown paths in such a delicately embroidered dress (by Chicwish) made me feel just like Alice. Well, gazing down at the white rabbit & Alice rings I was wearing probably helped too! ; )
Alice in Wonderland rings – Les Nerides (White rabbit & Alice) / Dress – Chicwish /
Tights – ASOS / Shoes – Le Bunny Bleu





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Violet Short with Peach Pleiades Loafers


This dress has been worn way too often since I snagged it from Primark in Edinburgh. It’s just so comfy and I feel so free and breezy in it. How have I not been wearing smock dresses all my life? Now I just want all the smock dresses ;) But this one is definitely a keeper and I snagged it for £9! I also got to wear my new Peach Pleiades Loafers from Le Bunny Bleu. They are so ridiculously cute and completely covered in glitter…and you all know I am obsessed with my sparkle. I would glitter the house if it wouldn’t necessitate me vaccuuming the floors every hour. But that’s really besides the point. In other words, I really love them! They are so girly and fun and I feel like they should be tap shoes. The little gold bunny embellishment is my favorite.
Big big thank you to Le Bunny Bleu for asking me to share these adorable shoes with you all! I am never ever disappointed with their shoes. They all speak to the girly, pastel-loving child in me


OUTFIT DETAILS Shoes: C/O Le Bunny Bleu; Dress: Primark

Shoes: C/O Le Bunny Bleu; Dress: Primark


Stitch Oxford with Rachel Jensen


“We climbed down through the trails to find birds, deer, and breathtaking views. For this kind of trek through nature I wore retro sneakers, cardigan, and striped sailor pinup shorts. ” Rachel Jensen

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.27.55 PM

Uniquely designed oxfords give the impression a vintage stitched on oxfords taking you back in time but with a twist of the modern day. These are very ideal for a bright picnic day with friends.

Rachel Jensen’s blog:

Diana Horsfall wears Le Bunny Bleu Sneakers!

Hey, guys! My pics are going to look weird this week, this situation is killing me blah…. Today I choose for super casual outfit. I love Korean designers, because they know how to turn regular clothing to fun and stylish way. One of my favorite accessory this summer is a floral printed cap by ELOQ. Isn’t adorable? I have been trying to find caps in local stores, but they have only sport or fan caps. BOOOO…

I styled this cap with distressed jeans by Blackfive and an asymmetric top by Idadress. Also, I got an awesome matching laptop case with phone case by Snupped. If you did not hear about them, you should definitely check them out. They have a lot of fun and chic accessories for ladies like you.
To create stylish sporty look I am wearing blue thea sneakers by Le Bunny Blue.


GIVEAWAY: Organic Olivia by Le Bunny Bleu Redesigned #HealingCrystal Shoes!

GIVEAWAY: Organic Olivia by Le Bunny Bleu Redesigned #HealingCrystal Shoes!