Violet short with Gray Maia Boat Shoes

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There are very few things I enjoy about winter: Christmas, enjoying snow for one day, fireplaces, foggy days and layering clothing. The rest is just so very blah. Like trees with no leaves, a sun that never shines, seasonal depression, being a homebody cause the cold is annoying, and overeating. I dread winter every year especially being an adult and relying on good weather for my work. Indiana doesn’t exactly love photographers with it’s ever changing weather patterns and randomly hidden sunlight. I know a lot of photographers like these gray days because technically the lighting is even and better to work with, but I’d take bright sunshine any day over this. Unless it’s a gray FOGGY day. Fog is my exception and I embrace it with open arms.

Being that it’s generally miserable weather lately, the comfy cozy layers have been a must. Hats, scarves, layered tops and cardigans. I don’t even care if I end up looking like a bag because of all my perfect layers. I’m pretty sure that’s a running theme with a lot of my style posts too. I talk about all my clothes in terms of comfort. I try the whole beauty is pain thing occassionally, but at the end of the day, this is my average outfit: slip-on shoes, a loose top and my favorite jeans. And I’ll just take a moment to gush over these new slip-on loafers from Le Bunny Bleu. I’m always on the lookout for comfort shoes that don’t take any effort to put on. And like usual, I was not disappointed when these arrived. I’ve worn them just about every day since they arrived PLUS they are so adorable. My usual winter wardrobe is a lot of gray so these of course go with everything ;) I decided today’s current outfit would be the best one to share as the shoes go wonderfully with this Urban top I snagged over the weekend. Yeah for clearance racks filled with soft flowy tops! And now I’m signing off as I have a lot of work to get to and a session to prepare for. Happy Monday everyone! Hope your having a beautiful winter day (if that’s possible).

Sera Brand with grey Belaw Boots



The Return of Dreaming:

I dont think I am programmed to wear a lot of thick clothing. I really like to wear thin clothes, even at the expense of getting slightly cold. I guess thats why its really good news for me that I get to go home to Hawaii in 1 week! Warm weather here I come <3

In todays look Im wearing are my first pair of heavier duty/winter vibe boots! I now finally have a pair of boots to wear in cold weather! The insides are fluffy and nice. Check them out on Le Bunny Bleus website HERE~ they are currently -30% off duing le bunny bleus Super Sale!

In this look I really like these 3 Necklaces that I am wearing. The shortest gold chain is from Adorn Jewelry, a big cartel shop that sells handmade jewelry. It is simple and very cute. The perfect length for the first layer of chains. Check this item out HERE!

The Longest Necklaces are from the etsy store The Faint of Heart! The middle length has a cute crystal pendent and the longest one has an arrow head pendent. They give a great bohemian vibe when layered together HERE~

Question of the day: Do you guys have any holiday travel plans? Let us know in the comments :)

–Peace, Love + Light

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Jenny Liu with Black Nordic Fuz Boots

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“Wearing a good shoes is really important to me. Winter is here! I bought the shoes from Le Bunny Bleu! Le Bunny Bleu is NEW YORK CITY cool with a European chic twist from America, doesn’t this look so pretty?”

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Ann with Selah Hidden Heel sneakers


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I want to come back again! what can I do about it?=)

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Kimberly with White Chic louie Mid Heels

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Super excited to partner up with THE SHOPPING BAG today on Sensible Stylista.  Isn’t this dress beyond adorable?  Y’all know I’m a sucker for A-lines, and the white bow in the middle is ridiculously cute! If you decide to snag one for yourself, make sure you use code SENSIBLESTYLISTA at checkout for an extra 25% off your order – valid until January 3, 2015 *pumps fist*

Oh, and aren’t my new LE BUNNY BLEU SHOES adorable?  Mad simple yet crazy chic.  I’m such a huge fan of LBB kicks – their heels are all so comfy yet cute!  I seriously recommend checking them out. Let me know if you have any questions below!  


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