Stitch Oxford with Rachel Jensen


“We climbed down through the trails to find birds, deer, and breathtaking views. For this kind of trek through nature I wore retro sneakers, cardigan, and striped sailor pinup shorts. ” Rachel Jensen

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Uniquely designed oxfords give the impression a vintage stitched on oxfords taking you back in time but with a twist of the modern day. These are very ideal for a bright picnic day with friends.

Rachel Jensen’s blog:

Diana Horsfall wears Le Bunny Bleu Sneakers!

Hey, guys! My pics are going to look weird this week, this situation is killing me blah…. Today I choose for super casual outfit. I love Korean designers, because they know how to turn regular clothing to fun and stylish way. One of my favorite accessory this summer is a floral printed cap by ELOQ. Isn’t adorable? I have been trying to find caps in local stores, but they have only sport or fan caps. BOOOO…

I styled this cap with distressed jeans by Blackfive and an asymmetric top by Idadress. Also, I got an awesome matching laptop case with phone case by Snupped. If you did not hear about them, you should definitely check them out. They have a lot of fun and chic accessories for ladies like you.
To create stylish sporty look I am wearing blue thea sneakers by Le Bunny Blue.


GIVEAWAY: Organic Olivia by Le Bunny Bleu Redesigned #HealingCrystal Shoes!

GIVEAWAY: Organic Olivia by Le Bunny Bleu Redesigned #HealingCrystal Shoes!

Emil Ronda

Simplicia Oxfords

Simplicia Oxfords

Lily dress

ALDO colorful purse

Kate Spade watch

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